Riva Consulting

Riva Consulting provides project,
risk and engineering management services, with specialised capabilities in complex system integration
and test programs.

Riva Consulting is committed to working with companies in the areas of project management, risk management, systems engineering, system design, integration and test, to be a part of our clients business success.

Riva Consulting achieves this by spending the time to learn and understand the problem or opportunity, as well as the client’s expectations and requirements.

Riva Consulting works collaboratively with the client, maintaining strong communications with all stakeholders to develop the solution.

Riva Consulting remains committed to deliver the desired outcome; working in partnership with the client, to ensure the solution is aligned with the company’s strategic objectives and integrated with the business operations, practice and culture to ensure sustained business success.


  • 'Complex systems can fail in complex ways'. Riva Consulting spends the time to learn the business context, appreciate the strategic environment, identify the desired outcomes and establish the key interfaces (physical and people).

  • Riva Consulting places high importance on problem characterisation to enable full comprehension of the issue, as well as a thorough understanding of expectations and requirements.

  • Riva Consulting ensures agreement and clarity around the scope of services to be delivered such that the path to success is clear.


  • Riva Consulting conducts appropriate planning to ensure the efficient and effective use of resources to deliver tailored solutions

  • Riva Consulting maintains strong communications through effective stakeholder engagement and consultation to ensure work in progress remains aligned to the client’s expectations and desired outcomes.

  • Riva Consulting controls scope changes without constraining innovation, new ideas and opportunities as work progresses.


  • Riva Consulting provides project leadership, management and mentoring to deliver integrated and sustainable solutions.

  • Riva Consulting works with all levels of the business (from the coal face to the board room) to foster an appropriate change management environment that facilitates a common understanding, shared objectives, and ownership of the solution.

  • Riva Consulting delivers sustained results after initial delivery through continued emphasis on maintaining effective client relationships.


Riva Consulting provides services to the mining and defence markets.

Riva Consulting provides contemporary services in the following key areas:

  • Project Management
  • Engineering Management
  • Systems Engineering
  • Integration
  • Design
  • Independent Analysis and Review
  • Risk Management


Riva Consulting has recently delivered risk management services to significant hard rock mining and brown coal mining facilities.

Riva Consulting has also delivered project management services to a major Commonwealth funded research and development body, and an Information Technology development and services company.